Join this free training to learn how to raise your vibration, hold stronger presence in your life, and have energy for all that you do. I will show you some very practical explorations you can start doing immediately to experience a new way of being and flowing in your life. 

Anyone can do these practices to create shifts in your energetic field, connect you to deeper perspectives of yourself and open you up to receiving from the Universe in a whole new way.

Even if you’ve done other embodiment work, I believe these practices can add a new layer of awareness that you’ve not experienced before. If you are a teacher, healer, or facilitator, these practices can significantly complement and enhance the work you already do. 

The inner light of our soul shines through our physical AND energetic bodies. This free training shows you how to bring these parts of you together – tapping into a powerful space within you and allowing the totality of who you are to be authentically witnessed and expressed.

We all want to be seen and heard as our authentic selves, but our boundaries, communication, sense of Self, and confidence all suffer when our energy isn’t in alignment with our soul’s true essence. Our unconscious patterned behaviors can disconnect us from fully accessing and harnessing that inner light and letting it guide us in our lives.

As women, we often put a lot of our energy out to other people and things – our families, our friends, our work - and end up feeling drained or like we don’t have enough left over for ME, resulting in stress and overwhelm in our lives. When we are doing our best to create a conscious life for ourselves, this can feel discouraging, tiring, and frustrating.

When we are able to bring awareness to an embodied AND energetic framework, we can be guided by our internal light and energy more often, rather than by our patterned responses. We can become more present to ourselves so that those lower vibrations of doubt, stress and depletion start to loosen their grip. We can move more freely into the expanded lives that we are trying to create. The best part is you will be able to start incorporating these
new practices into your life immediately!


If you ever feel like the stuck patterns and stresses in your life keep you disconnected from the person inside of you that is longing to be fully expressed…

I invite you to join me for the next Energetic Embodiment 101.

In this 90 minute class you will:

  • Be introduced to some of the essential core practices I teach and experience for yourself how they can shift your energy and mindset to help you feel less overwhelmed by external forces. 
  • Start to understand how these practices work on a physical and energetic level to allow you to create less distraction and more presence in your life.
  • Feel how these practices could powerfully change your life, loosen up those sticky energetic patterns, and have you showing up more fully yourself in everything you do.


If you are ready to learn how to live your life from this new perspective,
you will want to join me for
this class.

Registration is open! It’s totally free, so no payment is required. Only your commitment to show up and to take an intentional step towards more awareness, connection, and empowerment in your life.

I can’t wait to do this with you!


Wednesday March 22, 2023
7:30 - 9:00pm EST
Via Zoom

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