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Hi, I'm Marcia Woodfield, Founder and Creator of Longevity Living. I'm so glad you're here!  

Longevity Living is first and foremost an idea about how to live life so that it is fruitful, has deep meaning, and helps to move your soul to it's next level of existence. Longevity, to me, is not just about the pursuit or intention of living a long life, but more importantly about living a sustainable life. That sustainability in all aspects of life that allows us to keep living it to the fullest - through all the challenges, heartbreaks, and joys - to keep going and growing in our personal and spiritual development. Longevity Living is about embracing ALL of life, experiencing it, moving through it, and purposefully reaching for each higher level of our being.

I have built my own longevity and sustainability in my life through all of my experiences, whether it be challenging myself through sport, work, relationships or focusing on deep inner work, all areas of life are opportunities to expand. I have intentionally lived my life in exploration and expansion, and my journey has led me to helping others who have also decided to be intentional about their own journey and want to explore their experiences more deeply. 

If you’re ready to build the sustainability to keep exploring and growing in your own life, let’s connect with a Complimentary Consultation.

To learn more about Marcia and Longevity Living, watch this video below!

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you hardworking and successful in at least some areas of your life, but feel like something BIG is still missing? 

Or do you feel like other parts of your life aren’t working and those parts are weighing you down? 

If you are longing for the incredible life you dream of - a life where all the pieces are working - then it’s time to IGNITE Your Personal Power so you can realize your full potential, get into flow, and open yourself up to new possibilities. Our free video training will start you on a powerful journey of self-discovery, growth, and freedom to be able to go after what you truly want out of life. 

In this video you will:

  • Uncover the doubts and fears that are holding you back from making a BOLD move to create the big life you want and stop settling for the “comfortable” status quo.

  • Learn how to slow things down enough to feel into your true desires rather than just barreling through all the “shoulds” and “have tos” of life that keep you stuck in a mediocre existence.

  • Discover how to empower yourself to take actions that align to the life you want to create, rather than just reacting to every passing situation, thought or feeling.  

I know there is confidence and courage inside of you that is just waiting for the opportunity to fully step into a bigger life…a life of joy and fulfillment that comes from self-awareness, balance, and embracing new challenges. 

Sign up for our exclusive coaching video now and IGNITE your transformational journey today!

"The embodiment practices I did with Marcia were stunningly effective for shifting blocks I’d had for a long time. Immediately and in the weeks after, I felt refreshed and able to think much more clearly about topics I had been stuck on."

Kim Perkins, Ph.D., CA

"Marcia has an uncanny sensibility for helping people. She not only sees who they are, but, who they are capable of becoming. Her excellent listening skills allow her to determine the best way to proceed with each of her clients. The minute I began the program I knew I was in good hands. I remember feeling special knowing that I was getting her undivided attention on a regular basis."

Ann, NC

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